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ASCO ˙ 9138062

ASCO ˙ 9138062
Natural Wood
Brown Fabric Cable
LED E27 1×12 Watt 230 Volt
IP20 Bulb Excluded
D: 43 H1: 43 H2: 130 cm

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Product description: This kind of suspension Chandelier In Wicker Fully Braided By Hand By Skilled Moroccan Craftsmen. These Chandeliers ensure a series of light reflections creating a unique and welcoming atmosphere to the environment in which they will be placed. This modern ceiling pendant lampshade features a wonderful ring design. Its style is tough and simple, and its log material allows customers to feel the breath of nature. Although it is not as luxurious and gorgeous as European light, it embodies the tranquility and tranquility that European light does not. Received the love of many literati. Its intertwined woven design allows light to escape between the wicker creating a beautiful lighting effect whilst bringing a natural feel to your home. Owing to its simplistic design and neutral color, it fits in with almost any interior design scheme making it perfect for any living area.

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FOB: Zhongshan City,Guangdong Province, P.R. China
Material: Natural Wood
Brown Fabric Cable
Applicable voltage: 90~240V
Application:Home decor, wedding decor, holiday decor, art and, collectibles, bars

Decoration style: European decoration style, American decoration style, modern decoration style
Light source: LED E27 1×12 Watt 230 Volt
IP20 Bulb Excluded
Dimensions: D: 43 H1: 43 H2: 130 cm


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