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FIORE ˙ 9285620

FIORE ˙ 9285620
Antique Gold Brass
Aluminium & Acrylic
LED 60 Watt 230 Volt
3530Lm 3000K IP20
D: 60 H1: 4 H2: 12 cm

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Description: FIORE ˙ 9285620 is a kind of Ceiling light, which is made from antique gold brass, aluminium and acrylic. Its’ shape as radiant torus of bright, even illumination. Available in a variety of sizes and as either a pendant or flush mount, these halos of light adapt to any setting. Eternal and substantial. This elegant suspension lamp definitely attracts attention, the LED boards arranged in a modern and circle design will illuminate your home and stand out among your current decorations.Modern and simple circular design, the ceiling lamp uses high-quality aluminum and acrylic lampshade, suitable for families. It has good light transmittance, high temperature and cold resistance, durability, moisture-proof.This kind of product is often used in homes, offices, libraries and other recreational places. with simple and generous style, without too many decorations, and it can give people a feeling of being at home. Widely loved by customers because of its cost-effectiveness.

FOB: Zhongshan City,Guangdong Province, P.R. China
Material: Antique Gold Brass
Aluminium & Acrylic, LED
Light source: LED 60 Watt 230 Volt
3530Lm 3000K IP20
Dimensions: D: 60 H1: 4 H2: 12 cm


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