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FUNGO ˙ 9357087

FUNGO ˙ 9357087
:andy WOite Aluminium & Acrylic
LED 47 Watt 230 Volt
2630Lm 3000K IP20
D: 102 H: 30 cm

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Product description: FUNGO 9357087 is a kind of Ceiling light, which is made from acrylic and aluminium. It adopts sleek and smooth light, surrounds wantonly, creating a strong sense of space, rich fashion art, the combination of color arcs and shapes, rational and urban atmosphere and it’s suitable for any circumstances. It has good light transmittance, high temperature and cold resistance, durability, waterproof and moisture-proof.This kind of product is often used in homes, offices, libraries and other recreational places. with simple and generous style, without too many decorations. On the other hand, it’s suitable for a variety of decoration styles and will not violate the sense of harmony, and the scattered light holes are full of futuristic technology.The brightness of this product can be adjusted, the maneuverability is high, the light is soft and sufficient, and it can give people a feeling of being at home. Widely loved by customers because of its cost-effectiveness

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FOB: Zhongshan City,Guangdong Province, P.R. China
Material: Aluminium & Acrylic, LED
Light source: LED 47 Watt 230 Volt
2630Lm 3000K IP20
Dimensions:D: 102 H: 30 cm


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