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NAGER ˙ 9481093

NAGER ˙ 9481093
Dimmable:andy Black Aluminium & Acrylic
LED 62 Watt 230 Volt
3586Lm 3000K IP20
D1: 78 D2: 60 D3: 41.5 H: 120 cm

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Product description: It adopts extruded and rolled rectangular aluminum ring. Flexible silicone rubber diffuser. Brushed metal finish or matte powder coating. Three layers, providing custom options. You can see the well-designed finishes at every angle. The high-quality chandelier has a modern style, interior decoration, elegant and creative fashion style, excellent finishes and easy-to-assemble ceiling lamps are ideal for modern guest rooms and restaurants. Return the wildlife to the original chaotic land and we have been focusing on the original development of lamps and lanterns for many years, committed to the ultimate sense of user experience, adding different styles of colors to your family. Unique design sense and high-end quality make your home decoration more exquisite.

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FOB: Zhongshan City,Guangdong Province, P.R. China
Material: Sandy Black Aluminium & Acrylic
Applicable voltage:90~240V

Application:Home decor, wedding decor, holiday decor, art and, collectibles, bars
Decoration style: American decoration style, Modern decoration style
Light source: LED 62 Watt 230 Volt
3586Lm 3000K IP20
Dimensions: D1: 78 D2: 60 D3: 41.5 H: 120 cm


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