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RING ˙ 9108311

RING ˙ 9108311
Sandy Black Aluminium
& Acrylic
Black Fabric Wire
LED 28 Watt 230 Volt
1445Lm 3000K IP20
D: 79 W: 2 cm

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Product description: RING ˙ 9108311 is a kind of wall-mounted light, and it’s made from brushed coffee aluminum and acrylic. Its elegant black round appearance, geometric design style, simplicity, and individuality pursuing a simple life attitude, do not follow the trend, return to the essence. 360-degree surround luminescence, more comfortable and brighter, more vivid colors, restore natural colors, comfortable and non-stimulating light perception, so that every corner is bright and clear, and also has a good decorative lighting and washing effect. It can perfectly outline the walls and wall decorations of every building. It is rich in color, green, and energy-saving, and has a long life. In addition, The price is affordable and has a high degree of fit with a variety of decoration styles, so it is very popular with customers. This product is suitable for indoor circumstances, such as bedrooms, living rooms, and study rooms, etc. It’s better to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere for users.

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